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This quote if generalized says every next generation has to rise up with new capabilities, choices, and requirements. What I draw from here is every generation has the different taste for website designs on the internet.

So far I have talked about the Social Geo Targeting Themes and website color schemes for making a website which can bring more visitors.
Let us now dig into “age Group Themes”.what I mean is whether,while making a website design, we should be careful about the targeted age group.
With new design trends, emerging and visitors become more technologically savvy, one has to adopt a route to be visible to customers. What I am talking is how to build a website in WordPress for target audience based on their age.
Whether or not you’ve given any thought to the age of your target persona before, but I was thinking, when we are aware of SMGI , color code, responsiveness, SEO,

different age group generations

Why not to be conscious of the age group of audience. In the internet world, “age is just a number” is not true. For the sake of this article, we are focusing on four different age group generations: 
1.Generation Z, or iGeneration (Teens & younger)
2.Millennials, or Generation Y (18 – 34 years old)
3.Generation X (Roughly 35 – 50 years old)
4.Baby Boomers (Roughly 50 to 70 years old)
Different age groups like to consume information and the features that appeal to them the most. Since each age group has lived through different times, their requirement is also different. Having a clear understanding of the target audience is the first step when creating a website design.
What I think while designing a website the approach should be, agewise so that

1. It appeals
2.surfering is convenient
3.Font size moderate
5.Load time ( matter little for Baby boomers)
6.Domain Name

The web design created according to age group should be able to engage the targeted audiances.

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    1. Geometric fonts are very good

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