Social Geo-Targeting Themes

Social Geo-Targeting Themes

Social Media Geographic Information (SMGI)

SMGI brings in, a special potential for it may express consumer perceptions, interests, needs, and behavior. This enriched knowledge can be used to help in decision making and hence the creation of themes for websites design. A thought of mine.

Geo-targeting Websites

Geo-targeting is a way for websites to serve specific content to visitors based on their geographic location, usually their country or city via their IP address. You can use Google Analytics to learn more about your visitors and where they’re from.
In the similar way website color combination, design, font size, font family, type of menu etc should be analyzed according to the choice of customers/visitors using SMGI, for creating the website.
Already WordPress has done a lot for CMS design vide their “Geo-Targeting WordPress Content To Personalize Your Site”. But this is more for contents and CMS not for other factors when a web designer design a website.
Bootstrap social network templates give you a well-structured website and also makes the job of making the website responsive easier.

Some of the Geo-Targeting WordPress themes are posted here.


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