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Proudly Indian. I am the owner of this website. I started learning development of WordPress website and blogging after my retirement (Banker).Basically I am M.S in Physics (solid state physics). So far I have sold two websites and few domains. This was my past time activity but now it is my passion. I use only free assets available in

There are no simple tricks to boost your WordPress websites speed. Again I will emphasize “no Tricks”. only you need to understand each aspect and go ahead without much need from professionals at a price.  

SEO is a hype. Keywords keep changing. Today google trends are “Where do I vote” with 10M+ searches. So this is a keyword as of today.

So what is a keyword? Suit is one of the best keywords. But I am unable to sell my domain “”. It is not a keyword, only that sells. Then what it is which sells. The Stock Managers of Domains, SEO Marketers, Hosts of websites and number of other services providers. They create a market in such a way that we feel to buy their services.

Google decides upon some strategy of ranking of websites. These service providers analyze google strategy and create software to help websites to rank in Google at a price.

I will discuss more this in next blog.

This is not end